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Our Mission

To provide a quality infant, toddler and pre-school/Head Start program that is geared toward the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of the child. Our facility provides a safe and healthy environment for each child. Our goal is to enhance the development of the child in an educational, fun, exciting, and creative atmosphere. KIDZ Creative Concepts will partner with the families of these children to make sure we work together to ensure these goals are met.

Our Philosophy
KCC Science Concepts

KCC Science Concepts

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KIDZ Creative Concepts (KCC) follows a developmental philosophy in order to meet children where they are in all areas of development and encourage their continued growth. This is done by providing a supportive and nurturing environment that will help children develop a positive self-concept while providing enjoyable, yet challenging open-ended activities. KIDZ Creative Concepts understands that special needs and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds are an integral part of the communities. Individual needs of each child and family are considered when establishing working relationships with families in our program.

Our Programs



KIDZ Creative Concepts implements age-appropriate developmental practices. We include music, toys and other educational materials geared towards the developmental milestones. Our infants explore their world through sensory...... 

Our toddlers acquire knowledge through culture, application and being active participants in learning. Children learn through problem solving and experiences shared with a knowledgeable adult or peer. Toddlers perform a task under the guidance of their instructor or with peer collaboration that could not be achieved alone.


Two-Year Old

We ensure the environment feels safe for each Kidz Creative Concepts student. We make certain that each two year old has ample space for movement and learning through play. Our program provides exploration based activities that are slightly challenging to the child. Our children learn to be members of a group, which encourages language development, cognitive growth and creative expression.

KIDZ Creative Concepts follows a creative hands-on curriculum. We are a Head Start program that focuses on objectives in each area of development. We provide questions of the day, creative studies each month, observations, and checkpoints which ensure that each child is meeting the developmental milestones for each dimension. Our stories are based on our lesson plan and children are encouraged to discuss their view about the story. We provide development progress reports to discuss each child’s growth in each developmental zone. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment that will help children develop a positive self-concept while providing enjoyable, yet challenging open-ended activities.



KIDZ Creative Concepts, before and after-school, provides safe and affordable child care. KCC provides homework assistance, activities, field trips, games and a nurturing environment that will help children develop a positive perception of themselves and others. KIDZ Creative Concepts’ teachers are not just sources of information and authority they are also facilitators and guides who foster creative thinking. We want our students to be active participants, problem solvers, and planners because knowledge is not only absorbed through lectures, worksheets, and texts. Knowledge at KIDZ Creative Concepts is constructed through creative play, direct experience, and social interaction.

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