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Arrivals and Departures


KIDZ Creative Concepts arrivals and departures, and hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 6:00am-6:00pm. Children must be accompanied to the center and picked up from the center by a parent, guardian, or other authorized person who is 18 years of age or older. Written permission must be provided in a child’s file for anyone else other than a parent to pick up a child. Persons picking up children for the first time or who are not recognized by the staff must show photo identification. If there are any restrictions as to who may not pick up the child, the center must be notified. It is the enrolling parent is responsible to notify the center of any changes in custody, court orders, orders of protection, etc. Parents must fill out a pick-up sheet at the time of enrollment and are obligated to update it as needed. Parents can send or fax a letter along with a copy of their picture ID to authorize someone to pick up there child(ren). Parents must add this person to the list as soon as possible.

All children enrolled in the program must be dropped off by scheduled site time and picked up by scheduled site closing. Any exceptions must be cleared with the Director. The parent must notify the  site supervisor if  they  are going to be late picking up their child(ren).



No children are allowed to stay more than 10 hours in our facility. No children will be accepted in the doors after 9:30a.m. Breakfast is served at 8a.m. and no food will be served after 9am If your child has a Doctor's appointment or WIC appointment, your children will remain in your care for the rest of that appointment day. We are on a schedule and when your child comes in after arrival time everyone has to make big adjustments to fit the needs of the child.

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