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Guidance and Discipline


What others refer to as discipline, we call guidance. No child will be hit, spanked, belittled, or otherwise intimidated at our center, even with the permission of the parent. There will be no corporal punishment used in any form. There will be no abusive or profane language, isolation, humiliation, or threatening and/or actual withdrawal of food used as a form of guidance. We view self-control as a learning process. Limits are explained, and when possible, defined within the center. We try to stress two main patterns of behavior: respect for other people, and respect for property. As a result, we do not allow children to hit, shove or verbally abuse other children, or mistreat material possessions (theirs or others).

Occasionally, children do not behave in respectful ways, and therefore, need guidance. Guidance will be handled by all staff in the following ways:


(1) First incident – WARNING (Child will be confronted about inappropriate behavior, by being asked what they are doing wrong and what they will do to rectify their behavior. The staff will listen to the answer and if the answer is unacceptable, the staff will explain to the child what was inappropriate about their behavior, what the proper behavior is, and what will happen if the behavior continues.


(2) Second incident ( Repetition of the same inappropriate behavior and/or any inappropriate behavior in a week time period) – “Time Out” – the child will be seated in a designated “time out” area for one minute per the age of the child. 

The child will go over the statement with the staff person and the staff will explain to the child what will happen if he/she continues to behave inappropriately. The parent will receive correspondence advising of the child’s current level in the guidance process, and will be asked to talk to their child about their inappropriate behavior.


(3) Third incident – The child will be suspended from the program until there is an official conference with staff and parents.


The atmosphere at KCC is very fun, creative and exciting; therefore if a child is suspended, we believe they will seriously think about the inappropriate behavior that they previously displayed and return to the center with a more appropriate attitude. However, if the child is continuously acting out, the director and staff will meet with the parents and come up with a written plan of action together. The plan may include but not be limited to social service intervention. As long as the parent is actively participating in any plan that is decided upon, the center will not terminate the child from care unless the child is inflicting bodily harm upon other children, themselves, or the staff of the program. If there are any threats to the wellbeing of any of the children or staff, the center along with the parents will seek alternative means of care. We will work with the parents to ensure the child gets the proper care and necessary treatment. We understand that some children have behavioral issues that need to be dealt with; however, the cooperation of the parent is needed. There is nothing that we can't conquer together, but we all must actively be involved in the lives of our children.

Potty Training


The staff will assist parents with potty training. However, we do believe that children begin using the potty when they are ready. You will notice signs of readiness when they are no longer wanting to wear a diaper, hiding, talking, directing themselves to the toilet area, and pulling their pants down. When they reach this stage you may bring pull ups and an extra pair of clothes.



It is imperative that you inform us of any changes to your phone number, address, or child care arrangement. We need to be able to contact you at all times. The success of our program is based on establishing partnership between parents and our staff. Open and frequent communication will help your child have a positive learning experience. We will keep you informed of all the milestones and progress that your children have made at our facility. You can also let us know what new behaviors they are exhibiting at home.

Cell Phones


Parents please refrain from using your cell phone when entering the center. Your children have not seen you all day and they would like to have your attention. Also we want to talk to you about your child’s day.

Children's Birthday


We acknowledge this special day and you can make arrangements with your child’s teacher. Hard and chewy candy are not permitted because it can be a choking hazard. Cakes, muffins, cupcakes, etc. are recommended items. Light decorations can be hung around the classroom.

Labeling of Items


It is the parent's responsibility to label their children’s  clothes, book bags, wipes, etc.

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