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We believe that the safety and well-being of each and every child should be the number one priority for any program. However, things happen. If a child becomes ill at the center, he/she will be isolated in a designated area and given a cot and blanket and will remain in plain sight of an assigned staff person. That staff person will be responsible for contacting the child’s parent in order for the child to be picked up. If staff cannot reach the parent, they will begin to call the emergency contact persons that are on file, until someone is reached that can retrieve the ill child. If your child becomes ill at the center or at home, the child needs to have a signed doctor’s note that specifies the date the child can return to school, upon return.

Injured Children

In case of injury, depending on the extent, your child will be either, (1) provided with first aid treatment or (2) have CPR performed and 911 called for professional medical treatment, and if necessary, transported to the hospital by ambulance. In either case, the parent and/or guardian will be notified immediately. In the case, the parent/guardian cannot be reached; the center staff will contact the emergency contact people. If the child is exempt from medical care on grounds of religion, the proper procedures will be done based on information provided by the parent that is on file at the center.


Any and all medical treatment will be documented in its proper log. If the incident required professional medical care, DCFS shall be contacted verbally with a written follow up letter no more than  two days following the incident.

Emergency and Non-Emergency Contacts

Emergency Police, Fire and Ambulance:  911
Non–Emergency Police:  1-312-746-6000
Non-Emergency Fire:  1-312-744-6666
Local Hospital (University of Chicago):  1-773-702-1000
Poison Control Center:  1-800-942-5969

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