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Our Staff

Mrs. Arnell Thornton - Harris


Arnell Thornton-Harris is co-owner and Headstart teacher at KIDZ Creative Concepts. She began this wonderful business venture with her mother, Delores Farabee, in 2006. Mrs. Arnell has helped with the cognitive development of young children for over 8 years. Mrs. Arnell (as her students affectionately call her) provides a supportive and nurturing environment that helps to develop a positive self-concept while providing enjoyable, yet challenging open-ended activities. She is inspired by the development of all children and their unique ways of learning and providing the freedom so that each child can play an active role in their education as well as the education of their peers. Mrs. Arnell attended Northern Illinois University where she obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education. Mrs. Arnell continues her professional development journey with classes related to the physiological and intellectual development of children. Course topics include a rational understanding of the world, child safety, nutrition, the four stages of cognitive development, and special needs. Mrs. Arnell welcomes each child’s unique ability in regards to math, reading, science, gross-motor activities, music and sensorimotor skills. Mrs. Arnell understands that no matter where you are in life, there is always another level to reach because she values helping our youth succeed. Each year Mrs. Arnell enrolls in industry-related courses to ensure that she and KCC staff are knowledgeable of the growing needs in quality child care.


​Ms. Andrea Davis


Andrea Davis works with the toddlers at KCC. She knew early on that she wanted to work with children. While in high school, Ms. Davis became the nanny of two little boys. She enjoyed teaching and caring for them day-to-day. The two boys were part of the DCFS system. Being a witness to what the children endured and seeing how the foster family was treated, made her passion grow deeper. Ms. Davis worked with children for eight years. Ms. Davis says, "They teach me so much daily and I enjoy every minute of it. Being able to do what I love every day has helped me in many ways." Ms. Davis is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Her goal is to work for DCFS and help children feel safe in their environment. Her plan does not stop there; she also would like to open a Daycare center one day. Ms. Davis enjoys working at KIDZ Creative Concepts because she is able to learn, grow and follow her passion of working with children.

Ms. Carissa Randolph


Carisse Randolph is a passionate caring instructor who loves educating children. As a child she wanted to be a veterinarian however, her creativity in different areas of learning inspired her to become a teacher. Ms. Carissa began her higher education journey at Eastern Illinois University and after one academic year transferred to Richard Daley College to be closer to home. She graduated from Daley College with an Associate Degree in Arts and a Certificate in Preschool Education in 2015. Ms. Carisse is currently attending Chicago State University and will complete her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education in spring 2019. Ms. Carissa feels that education is the most valuable thing in the world. As an instructor Ms. Carissa places the success of her class above her own interests and displayed a passion for solving the issues that her students face. Knowing that Knowledge is power she goes above and beyond to ensure that her children are prepared for their future.

Ms. Valerie 


Ms. Valerie has over 11 years of experience in early childhood education.  She recently joined the KCC family and Ioves working where educators comprehend the crucial part of each child’s development. Ms. Valerie is honored to be in such a rewarding career. Ms. Valerie has experience as a preschool instructor teaching at CNH and MFS.  In addition to teaching Ms. Valerie also has a background in counseling working at Haymarket/Maryville Academy where she taught substance abuse/dually diagnosed, parents parenting skills as a Family Educator. As a Family Educator she saw firsthand that she needed to advocate necessary change for children because their voice matters.

Joining a new team at the city of Chicago, she worked as an Editorial Assistant proof reading ordinances on behalf of the Mayor, and all 50 aldermen for 11 years.  Ms. Valerie shares an extreme passion for her first love… nurturing and caring for our children. Ms. Valerie strives to enrich the lives of children through teaching excellence. She understand their needs and academic needs and believe their today is their tomorrow.

Ms. Valerie’s education spans from Harold Washington College to Northwestern College where she will complete her Child Development Associate Credentials in April/May 2018.  Ms. Valerie has a passion for education and is committed to advancing her career in early childhood education.

Ms. Valerie is the proud parent of Brittany E. who has completed her training as a flight attendant and is studying to become a neonatal nurse.  Ms. Valerie has two precocious Bombay cats. Her hobbies are reading, learning to swing dance, mentoring the youth, listening to her favorite Christian and classical music, rescuing animals and being around her warm family.

Ms. Angel Murph


Angel Murph really enjoys working with children, Learning from them as they learn from her. Angel mentors children and youth at her church Triedstone Full Gospel Baptist Church as a youth counselor and as a praise & worship leader. Angel has obtained her food handler certificate and her mandated reporter and CPR certificate as well. Angel began her career in childcare as a TA for The Little People's House in 2016 and fell in love with working with children from the start. This prompted her desire to go further in the field.  Angel's future endeavors include fulfilling the required credentials to one day open up her own daycare/day camp. Working with Kidz Creative Concepts Angel looks forward to growing in this field and learning how to create a perfect fun creative classroom atmosphere.

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